Volver Philadelphia

I know that this will feed into any thoughts of me being high-post (I’m really not, but I have tendencies).

Been waiting for this spot to open. There’s a champagne bar. I will be there shortly.

The Curly Girl Diaries | Curls Understood.™

Love everything about this project! Amazing hair and amazing photography!


Gymnast John Orozco who won today’s national title

Love me some him!

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Toni Morrison goes in.

I still can’t believe I got to sit beside her, have dinner, and chat about life last year. My love for Soror Toni knows no bounds.

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Study Shows We Work Harder If We're Given Chocolate

I co-sign these findings!

David Beckham displays his buff body and tattooed torso as he unveils new swimwear collection for H&M | Mail Online

Nothing wrong with this, at all.

Philadelphia's Best Restaurants, Bars and Foodie Travel Ideas | Tasting Table City Guide

Posting this here for easy access and continual reference. Nom!

DeSean Jackson, Washington Redskins agree to terms - NFL.com

So many people saying I TOLD YOU SO right now. Not that I was a disbeliever, but still. Dan Snyder’s deep pockets win again.

Is Red Wine REALLY Good For You? A Cardiologist Explains

A 5 oz pour is the measurement of a “glass” of wine? hahahaha

The Only Thing Wrong In This Little Girl's World Is The People Who Won't Accept Her For Who She Is

God bless Jazz and the family who allows her to live her life in acceptance and love.